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Exclusive Space  

Are you planning a large photo shoot, meeting, or even a small event? Then this is your option.  We’ll clear the space and make it available only to you.  You can enjoy the wonderful ambience of the place without any distractions. Please note that there is a minimum time for exclusive rentals of 3 hours.  Also, if food and drinks are served, there is a cleaning fee of $100.00 included in the initial fee.

     $135.00/first 3 hours (no food and/or drinks served)

     $235.00/first 3 hours (food and/or drinks served)

     $  45.00/additional hours

     $360.00/day (10 consecutive hours-no food and/or drinks served)

     $460.00/day (10 consecutive hours -food and/or drinks served)

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