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2020 Pricing

Effective February 1, 2020

Front Half

This option gives you access to the front half of the Treehouse (from the brick wall to the curtain).  It’s perfect for photographers, artists, instructors, or anyone with short-term needs.  Don't be surprised if there are others using adjacent areas of The Treehouse at the same time.  Rest assured that they won't be in your space during your rental, and there’s a curtain you can draw in order to give some privacy to your work. 

     $20.00/1 hour

     $15.00/hour (multiple hour rentals)

     $120.00/day (up to 10 consecutive hours)

Exclusive Space  

If you need it all to yourself an exclusive rental is for you.  Are you planning a large photo shoot, meeting, or even an event? Then this is your option.  We’ll clear the space and make it available only to you.  You can enjoy the wonderful ambience of the place without any distractions. Please note that there is a minimum time for exclusive rentals of 3 hours.  Also, if food and drinks are served, there is a cleaning fee of $100.00 included in the initial fee.

     $120.00/first 3 hours (no food or drinks served)

     $220.00/first 3 hours (food and drinks served)

     $40.00/additional hours


Need some gear for your photography or just don't feel like hauling your stuff around?  The add-ons allow you access to the grip cart (with stands, umbrellas, sandbags, clamps and extensions cords) and lights (we have speedotron and Alien Bees).  If you want this along with your rental, let me know when you book the space, it will be made available to you and the cost will be added to your final invoice.

     Grip Cart: Stands, umbrellas, sandbags, clamps and extension cords

          $5.00/rental hour

     Lights: Alien Bees or  Speedotron (this includes Pocket Wizards for triggering)

          $5.00/rental hour

     Grip Cart and Lights

          $8.00/rental hour 

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